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What is Signaturely?

Digitally send, sign, and store all of your documents with one tool


  • Get your documents legally signed online super quickly with an intuitive editor, templates, and stored signatures
  • Alternative to: DocuSign
  • Digitally store all paperwork in one place, track signatures, and automate document sending
  • Best for: Legal teams, freelancers, agencies, and HR departments looking to reduce the time and cost of signing legal documents


Is Signaturely really Free to use?

Yes! Signaturely’s free plan lets you request 3 documents for e-signature each month 100% free. No credit card required.

What does it mean I have 3 documents free to sign?

Signaturely’s free plan lets you request up to 3 documents for e-signature each month. There is no fee for the free plan. If you need more documents signed each month you can upgrade to one of our paid plans.

Are the signatures going to be legal if I have a free account?

Yes! They are 100% legally binding.

What data is captured along with your signature?

Signaturely saves digital imprints for every interaction you and other signees have with your documents. These digital footprints include IP address, location data, name, email address and more.

Is there a chain of custody or audit trail?

Yes there is a chain of custody and audit trial with every esignature.

What if you have to go to court years from now?

eSigned documents have been confidently used as evidence in court for years so you can be confident going to a court room with an audit trail provided by Signaturely.

Is the signature real, or just an image?

The signature is a real digital signature that is legally binding.

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